Google Earth App Reviews

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Outdated interface

Google earth could be good but is set back with a terrible interface

Please make an update !

Apple says this app will not be available in future iOS versions unless you update the app . So please come out with an update for us .


Has not updated in a long time

Please Update

You really need to update google earth in the worse way!

Awesome and creepy

Its awesome but creepy it knows were I live

You guys got the wrong shape of the earth.

Heads up google, you guys have made a HUGE ERROR by putting the globe as the earth. We all know the earth is flat so whats with this fake heliocentric model of the earth? ???

Good but...

This crashes WAY too much

Good App, but...

I like the app but it needs an update. Some locations load slowly or incompletely and many are blurry.

Google Earth

Overall this is pretty solid considering were viewing on a 6-7 in. screen; however we all know our satellites are more than capable of viewing all. There not a single reason at all I should be seeing pixelated blind spots (in areas that are not remote for whatever reason). Second, why am I not able to pin, or save locations rather? That itself would be worth the 5 stars. Topographical views or layers should be added also; and last but not least Google is the creator of this app, therefore Google needs to debug it. By debugging, the cache should clear automatically without deleting anything intentionally stored. Google earth has come a long way but it still has plenty of room for improvement.

Has the potential!

This app really does have the potential to be a great app. But thats all it has, because it lacks about everything else! It is consistently freezing, shutting down or being real glitchy. Every time that I am on it for more than 5 minutes it just shuts down for no reason. Hopefully they fix the bugs cause this app could be awesome!

Upgrade already!

Google unbelievable this app has not been upgraded since May of 2016. Its currently not compatible with iOS 10.3. Geez how about getting an upgrade out.

Hot Garbage

I keep trying to break the app by doing an infinite earth spin but it keeps crashing Google please fix your app so that I can exploit it Pretty solid app beside that though

Old pictures

Old pictures 2016 , not 2017

Love this

I love this app I wish I had this a while ago Im pretty glad I got this app??❤️?

Best thing ever!



Update anytime soon? Its almost been a year since the last.

Great content thats slow to load

Im running google earth on a 6s and iPad Pro. Both are very slow to load and refresh the content even with a 100mb/s+ wifi connection. Granted there is a ton of content and rendering that needs to be done BUT at this point the App should be taking advantage of the 64bit OS to chew through the data.

64-Bit code

Please add the historic timeline & also change the code to support 64-Bit devices.


Its a solid app. I only knocked off one star because the Earth is flat and not round.

Great app but their is a problem

Please make a update because this wont be supported for iOS 11 this is 32 bit app the iPhone 5s or newer will get iOS 11 and iPad mini 2 and iPad air and pros wont get this app when iOS 11 comes out to fix this issue in the near future please release a update thanks google

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