Google Earth App Reviews

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Very bad graphics

The graphics could be a LOT better.


Supper glitchy plus really needs street names


This app crashes way too much, its extremely irritating

Its been a while

Its been a while, when is the next update? Apparently data cannot be read because it isnt in the correct format every time I go on and it keeps crashing, Camon Google

Is anyone working on the bugs?

This app needs improvement.

My maps is broken

The latest version wont load kml or kmz files. No word from Google for over 6 weeks now.


Fix all the bugs

Needs update

Abandoned google product. Avoid like the plague.

Motion sickness...

I was using the app trying to find a street by location. It took me a while, but the apps zooming in and out was so exaggerated that it gave me a sickly feel in the stomach and the head.

Security issue

Will not allow the option to access location only when using the app. Must either configure to not use location or to always use location even when not using the app. BAD Everything else pretty good.

A lot of issues with this program.

Has potential but not even close to being done.

Out of Date

Desperately needs to be updated. There are errors right when you open it. It reads "data in the incorrect format" please update! Dont waste your time download it! Absolutely worthless!

Awesome app

Its a really awesome app. You can see the earth and if you put an address in it will show you the address

Should have flight simulater

Good app but add flight simulator


I loved using the 3-D maps to navigate cities, and I also love how I can tap on icons on a landmark to pull more information about it. However the interface is antiquated and the app can be a pain to use- note that it hasnt been updated since 2013. I deleted it as soon as I discovered that Apple maps can also show 3-D satellite images that are clearer than Google Earth.

A pretty good app

Its pretty good if you ask me!

Its Cool.

It Would Be Better If It Were On Mircosoft Windows 10 Desktop & Laptop Computers, As An App To Downdload For Free.

Pretty good

Pretty good. But when a new 3D city comes out on google earth desktop, it doesnt show up on mobile. Please work on this, especially in Washington D.C.

Barely worth the storage/space

A mobile version of Google Earth is desperately needed, however this app has, I would estimate, roughly 1/8 of the features than the desktop version. It is also glitchy as hell.

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