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Can you please update this app? I mean youre google so why not put a little effort into making your app better

Needs to be updating to our time

This should be in our time not 2011 time I want to see 2016

Got it to see Detroit decay

Its cool seeing the trees and the green take back over Detroit. I think it would be fun to plan a trip with 20 or 30 friends and go there with dirt bikes and 4 wheelers and snowmobiles if its winter. They should advertise it as such like the hatfield McCoy place in va.


This is a great app, I went to Hawaii and now I can remember it by looking at the exact spot I was! Everyone who is hating plz leave, this is amazing!(ALSO I FOUND THIS WEIRD PLACE IN TREMENTINA NEW MEXICO ITS TWO CONNECTED CIRCLES WITH DIAMONDS IN THEM I CANT FIND IT ANYMORE MAYBE YOU CAN FIND IT)

Idk why i still have this app

this app is very glitchy it needs to update i looked at my house and it still has my moms subaru legacy wich we sold like 2 years ago

Great but...

This app is really great but the only problem is that whenever I have 3D buildings turned on, it still wont do 3D buildings for some places


Only one thing should be told : A Great app ! Thanks so much.

No My Maps

Why even have the option on the drop down menu if you cannot access them from the mobile version? Pretty useless tool to use while mobile for work now.


Coolest thing ever!

Use Google Maps

This app is no longer being updated. The last update is almost 3 years old. I have been told by a friend who works for Google that they are concentrating their efforts on Google Maps. Since it has very similar functionality, I suggest that those who have problems with this app to switch to Maps.

Need updates badly

Dear Google - the images in my app have not been updated since 2014! And it crashes a lot. Often when booted, I get an error saying " data is in incorrect format ". Please help.


Google Earth used to be fun when I was in 5 grade but then there was an update and now it glitches out five minutes after you get on :( Im so disappointed the Google/Apple would make something like this because they all are intelligent people.

TERRIBLE Controls!

Using iPhone 5s. The controls are absolutely terrible. Why they dont have an adjustment or some kind of settings for how sensitive the controls are is absolutely ridiculous. As you zoom in the controls become less and less sensitive so you have to zoom in seven times to get to the closest zoomed in setting. Then when you remove your fingers from the screen it is incredibly sensitive and usually sends the map spinning in one direction or the other. And when you first put two fingers on the screen to navigate, nothing happens for the first couple seconds so then you keep going and then it finally catches up with what youre trying to do and it spins or zooms or pans wildly. It is just absolutely terrible, and it is obvious that very little work has been done on this problem. It makes the complete app useless and ridiculous to try to use.


Perfect perfect!!!!!☺️☺️☺️☺️

Old and Unusable

This app is still in dire need of a makeover, reconditioning, whatever you wanna call it. This is literally designed for iOS 6 STILL. Update this please !!! This could be an amazing app but Googles keeping it from being just that !! >:-(


It keeps tell me that it is in the wrong format, what is the right format?


I havent played yet bit amazing on computer

Google please update

I dont know why Google hasnt refreshed this app. I dont know whats the relations between apple and Google but please do something about this app Google. Please!!

No porn

Ok so I download google for what everyone on earth wants Google for, thats right porn I could find any porn on this stupid app

A Nightmarish Interface

Trying to use this apps UI is like dealing with a fussy child that WILL. NOT. LISTEN. Want to look at more than one picture on a Landmarks page? Oh, youll have to exit out of the page altogether, find the landmark on the map again, and then scroll back down to the photos. Why? Because they want you to earn it. Or something. Want to load a 360 image? TOO FREAKIN BAD. If you try to drag the little man on top of the little blue circle, and the app straight olés the circle away from you, and treats you to the generic ground level "view." A squirrelly, over-sensitive rotation function is the kicker, triggering entirely too easy when you try to zoom in and out. I want to use this app to scout for photography trips, but successfully navigating the app is like pulling teeth. Its been nearly three years since Google updated this thing. FIX IT.

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