Google Earth App Reviews

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Great app and Please add historical imagery

I think this is a really great app to use because its really fun to look at landscapes, cities, and etc in 3D. Its also really cool that you can go to the streets and go back in time at the streets. Google Earth would be a lot much awesome if people can add historical map imagery like people did on the computer desktops. I think it would be great if people can add historical map imagery in mobile


The graphics on this is horrible. Please fix it.

Spend a lot of time just looking around

A lot of fun


What happened to this once great app? I cant do anything because there is major lag for every action I do Which should be non existent on my iPad Pro, please fix this app ASAP

Used to be good

I used to love this app when traveling, I could load the maps I made with points of interest, and travel around with it. Now it takes forever to find and load my apps, and it crashes when I zoom in.


Please add the historical timeline maps that can only be accessed on desktop. Desktop is becoming obsolete just like home phones. Please bring this feature to the iPad pros, iPhones, instead of just more desktops/macs. Those old satellite photos have helped me in the past when explaining to younger generations that the subdivision they live in and the Walmart up the street use to be all a dairy farm, and the 5 lane street (on both sides) that they live near use to be just a two lane road. They were amazed when I showed them the proof on the google earth historical timeline of satellite maps. Today, it would be useful for me (I dont use desk tops or Macs... Only iPad pros, tablets, iPhones.. Anything that I can carry and travel with.) it would be helpful finding out the landscaping history of the property I live on ( where there trees in this area?) ....

Add historical satellite please

I love google earth but please add historical satellite so I can view how Phoenix used to be.


Google Earth is a great app for computers, however for phones, it uses up too much data. On computers, though, it is a great app, and you should definitely get it for your computers.

Love It

I think this is a very good app and I LOVE that I can find where I live it is SO FUN and my family loves it too (YOU SHOULD GET THIS APP)


The things you can see on here are amazing! Love it

The worst google earth experience ever

I have been using this app for years and never have I had a worse experience never again

i thought this was supposed to be good?

this has terrible image quality on antarctica, it looks like someone sloppily did some graphic design there on pretty much the entire continent. i deleted this, crap attack to google earth

This app is awesome!

So cool to look back and see a lot of places Ive lived in. A walk down memory lane and beyond... Fun to explore the world

Some of the best editing ever!

To be honest, I was astonished how well your 3D looks gave to the whole earth! I really need to know how you did this, because its very impressive! To get to the point, it is very helpful when I want to know where to go and how I should get there so I wont get lost. Maybe over the time some visual aids can be improved, but overall, 5000/10! Five stars! Great job!

Pretty good app

Definitely a lot easier to use on the iPad but still an okay app for iPhone. It would be nice if you could download a location or area so you could view offline if there is no wifi or cell service (such as a trail in the forest). Also the app kinda has that iOS 6 feel to it, would be nice for a new update to go along with the iOS 9 themed apps.

Labels are slow to load and more!

1) Road labels are terribly slow at loading back when panning across maps. I dont understand why it cant just stay in place when moving and the quickly update as the map image is updated. 2) It would be great to have the option to change from satellite to a regular map view, because sometimes when theres a low signal strength, the maps take forever to load in satellite view. 3) An idea of having an option to lock the cardinal direction.


This app needs an update. Street view crashes and it does not like by 12.9 iPad Pro.

its great

I think this is a good app BUT the only thing that it needs is the hybird seting so if youre looking at a house you might want you can circle around the house and see each side. it would come in handy for me. also 5661 ashland road 250 needs to be updated. they demolished the house that was there.

iPad Pro version?

The iPad Pro has been out for five months and there still is no native version. The up-scaled regular version looks stupid, and a native version would allow more detail.

Doplar radar

Again, please add the weather on the app like on the Internet version of google earth!!! Thats the best part

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