Google Earth App Reviews

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Hate this app!!

This app has been installing for over a week it doesnt stop I cannot delete it or do anything on my iPhone!

New Update... No Good

The images will not fully load, its very pixelated. Is there any update coming for that?

Yay update

So glad there is finally an update, thought this app was going to get lost with Apples 11 update. This was a wonderful app, now its even better... Love seeing this beautiful earth.

Ginny Potter ➕Harry Potter

This app lets me go anywhere without getting off the couch it is amazing hello Im a kid named Ginny my boyfriend is Harry Potter

Way more limited use since update..not good

This has been my favorite app for years and Ive used it to essentially "your" the world. But it was a bad decision to eliminate Panaromio photos before having another system in place. Usability is vastly decreased because there are so few places in the world with street view and I dont want to just look at major cities. I want to see the Sahara Desert and volcanos and natural land formations! I can hardly use the app the way I used to. The only fix to this is the get large increases of 360 photos from all over the world. But they should not have removed the photos before this happened. Also the resolution is terrible now! It looks like the Simpsons with blocky cartoon quality as you get close up. The app is nearly useless to me as is?

Good ?

I think it needs some stuff. Yea update but very blurry

Amazing app!

Sometimes slow to load but the detail is amazing. My only serious complaint is the inability to delete the search places history list.


You cant do anything. I hope the super rich company google feels embarrassed by that.

No user photos?!?!?!?!?

As a photographer, I used google earth frequently to pick and choose where I take pictures. This is awful that the option is no longer there. What is the use of google earth without user photos? Those pictures are what I looked forward to when traveling to an unknown place. I absolutely hate this upgrade. Shame on Google for taking this away. Blah!

Great fun

I sometimes use this app to make it feel like Im flying over the earth. It also has some incredible features, but make it really useful for planning trips and vacations. I search for the hotel that Im looking for, and then I go to Google earth. I look at the distance between that and the locations I want to spend time at.

Long awaited!

Its beautiful and about time. Good job. Now I can see Everest. Thank you.

No more Ground Level View

With this forced upgrade, youre unable to zoom in and view at ground level. That was my favorite feature and helped with planning my photographic shoots. This isnt an upgrade, its a downgrade.

Hate the 3D rendering...

I hate the fact that you cant turn off 3D rendering. I dont want a "graphical representation" of a satellite image! The amazing part of google earth is that you actually see "real images" of anywhere in the world. WTH google???

Thank you!

Thank you google for finally updating this app! Also the new design looks great overall a great app!

Last update doesnt work.

I have been using Google Earth but now with the latest update all I get is a black screen. The first time it happened I deleted and downloaded the previous version and it worked fine. But then it auto-updated and now only the new version is available. Google Maps works fine but Earth only gives me a black screen.

Absolutely terrible

Cant even find the names of streets. Theres absolutely no settings to allow you to do this.

Latest version (Aug 2017) requires UTF-8 kml files

FYI - We use this to display markers from kml files, and the latest version requires that the kml files be encoded in UTF-8 format.

Well its kinda great

Im glad you guys updated this I thought google earth was gone for good but yay!But some places still look blurry and some times it lags a little.Other than that this app is great!

Its pretty good…

Theres just one thing. The Burj Khalifa isnt in 3D yet and its the tallest building in the world. A structural masterpiece. I wanna see that thing jutting up from the desert like a giant steel… nevermind. Good app. Very useful for scouting out travel destinations and visiting landmarks.

Delete Data

Points lost because it doesnt seem possible to delete or edit unwanted searches data

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