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No more user pictures !

What is that? Why did they remove all the pictures on the earth? Photos of places? Why! Vary bad update. And its lagging when you turn the earth now


I enjoy flying around the world with the dice but Id like to see you add the option of opening maps directions in Apple maps as well as Google maps ?


special thanks❗️Google staff? ”ログインして下さい”これを言わないGoogle??押し売りボンクラ検索サイトは一切シカトしてるので頑張ってねッ?


The 3D view is a good idea, but a LOT of the graphics are extremely blurry even on the highest quality setting. Trees blur into houses and cars looks like paint smudges. Also, the satellite view is clearly more recent, while the Street View is still the same old view from years ago. I dont know when the Google Car last passed through my neighborhood, but the view is still of the previous owners of my house...weve been here almost five years. It was disorienting to see the satellite view from recently, then drill down to see the street view of what now looks like a completely different house.

Thank you!

Glad you guys decided to update to work with iOS 11. I was sad to see it was no longer accessible on iOS 11 beta.


It would be awesome if there was a "super hero mode" where you controlled the camera like a first person view and could fly.

3D is not optional

Is there an option to shut of the 3D and go back to the traditional satellite image? The previous version had an option to switch from the 3D to satellite, and when i say 3D i refer to the blotchy computer animated image that i now see instead of a clear up to date satellite image

I dont appreciate googles automatic ad icon

An icon on the main screen takes me automatically to whoever pays google. Now that I know, Ill never touch that icon again, but why does it have to take up screen space? Apparently so google can make a few more million or billion. Google hasnt updated the area where my cabin is for 5 years. The picture shows the unfinished cabin. We have enjoyed our cabin for many years. But, they automatically send me to resorts that werent even in existence when we finished the cabin. Who doesnt like to look at their own place? I dont care for the new version.

Thanks for updating!

Please keep the degrees minutes seconds but maybe have an option for decimal degrees

Nice update. But?

Loved how you could grab yellow guy and could get an idea what the terrain looked like from that spot. Im a golfer and I used that feature to check course out. Please bring that feature back.

Serious degradation in view quality. Is fake poor imaging the future here?

New is definitely not better. The new version currently has gone from photo image quality of chosen location to a poor quality laughable blocky, splotchy, poor color VGA resolution image of the same location. I dont care about all the new fluff that now gets in the way of the location I am looking at. If I am looking at Portland, Oregon, the Columbia River, the University of Washington or the Rose Bow, I do not want to all of a sudden be looking at the Sahara desert with tourist trap blabber boxes. And no return capability without re entering the chosen site from scratch. I want the old version back where I could actually see the chosen area I was looking at instead of a poor animation cartoon rendering. There is no resolution choice in the settings panel. If this is going in what appears to be the direction of other google apps, it looks like it will just turn into another advertising page full of spam with an occasional ability to see what your actually searching for.


I cant believe they screwed this app up! They need to fix this app so you view the roads. I could care less about 3D!

Love it

I love this app and they have such good quality pictures but Id like to be able to go to more areas in street view and inside more buildings. Id also like to be able to see animals better because I went to the zoos and certain places like that and could barely go into any areas with the animals. But otherwise this app is great.

Yes! ?

Thank you google for returning to ur app and updating it. I really enjoy the time I spend looking around the world at places I cant afford to see in real life. Its like little free vacations. Well done! Not sure what is going on for others, maybe update their system? But I found everything I wanted to see. App works great for me. ??⭐️


The update is so bad

Flash back and ugly layout. I just want to the older one.

Update issue

The opening globe is not smooth any more. (Opens to fast) almost like it wants crash. Needs to be checked out. This is on iPhone 7 and iPad 10.5 with fresh install. Was perfect on the first release on Thursday. Thanks

10 steps back

Very Very Old Earth Pictures - last week I could see new houses being built - now the house are gone and just dirt roads !! Some update - very BAD!! Need to update Earth Pictures.

Wish they never updated

I dont like the new update, when you move around the earth it lags a little, the road lines dont look as good, you cant turn on and off certain features, you can only have presets, you cant access Wikipedia, and there have been no improvements. Way to go Google, taking one of your best apps and turning it into a piece of junk.

Outdated map

You guys could update the street view

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